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RE: [IP] Paradigm problems

I'm on my 3rd Paradigm pump - in two months!

The first exchange was because of the 'mottled' screen problem.  This
appears - at least for me - to be related to keeping the pump in my
front pocket.  Definitely a heat-related thing.  (Though my 507, and my
508 *never* had a problem with this.)  The mottled display was bad
enough to make it difficult to read if the light and your viewing angle
wasn't just right.  Sadly, the replacement pump didn't help me out - and
now the third has the same problems.

However, I didn't get this third Pardigm because of the screen issue.
That problem is rather minor compared to this new one: NO POWER ALARMS
WITHOUT A PRECEDING LOW POWER ALARM.  Glad (or not so glad!) that other
people also have this issue.  This has happened twice to pump #2, and
luckily happened during my waking hours.

The help-line person I talked to about this last week asked if I had
been using the backlight often, or pressing buttons on the pump more
than usual.  (Well - no - no more often that usual.)  I got a feeling
that they may have been asking if I had inadvertently acknowledged a low
power alarm.  Of course, I hadn't done that.  If you look at the alarm
history screen you'll note that there wasn't a lo-pwr (or whatever the
abbreviation is) alarm at all.

This problem intersects kind of scarily with the 'low volume' issue
others have mentioned.  The different beep levels (high, med and low)
are not different volumes at all.  They only describe the duration of
the alarm notes.  (Which is exactly how the 507, and 508 behaved.)  I
can't hear the pump beep when it is under my comforter at night.

Then there is the 'low power alarm occurs less than 6 hours before you
are out of power' issue - which some might remember I was nervous about
before I made the switch.

You'll find that when you combine all 3 of the different scenarios you
can easily find yourself 'pumpless' for a night without knowing it.

I sincerely hope Medtronic is working on a fix for this.

I did not that my new pump I got a week ago has a new firmware release:
1.8C.  My previous was 1.7B (I think.)  We'll see how it goes.

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