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Re: [IP] Tattoo to monitor diabetes

In a message dated 9/16/02 12:02:55 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Yep, I read about this on 9/4 and thought it sounded
 interesting (they describe it as a glucowatch going one
 step further or something to that effect). I forwarded
 it to our endo too. :) >>

I do not know why anybody would want to be "branded" as having diabetes.
<< I was wondering what design the tattoo would be. ;)
 (that's just a joke) :) >>

Maybe it will be a yellow star ...

Seriously, I saw this and, at first, thought it might be nice for people. 
Then I started thinking about "branding" people and possible discrimination 
based on the incriminating mark and it kind of went from there. I think it's 
a terrible idea.

Jan and Elvis
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