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[IP] Re: Paradigm problems

>I was told that when you receive a low battery it isn't really an alarm, 
>therefore there would be nothing under alarm history. A different tech 
>the following day gives me different info. Yes, low battery actually is an 
>alarm and should show under alarm history.

Don't know where they got that from, but the "low battery" and "low 
reservoir" alerts on my Paradigm always show up in the alarm history.  

I'm sorry to hear about so many people having trouble with their 
Paradigms.  I did get the "no power" alarm once w/ no "low battery" 
warning, but it hasn't happened again (that was a couple months ago) so 
I'm hoping it was an isolated occurrance or a bad battery.  Other than 
that I've (so far) been very happy with my Paradigm!  Hope there are no 
major problems lurking around the corner though!  

(Of course, it's my first pump, so I suppose ANY pump would seem 
fantastic compared to injections!  Maybe that's why I like it!)  

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