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[IP] Bleeding in Quick Set

I've been pumping for about 3 weeks now with MiniMed's Paradigm using the 
Quick Sets.  Yesterday, about 24 hours after doing a set change, I noticed a 
small amount of blood appear in the ring around the cannula in the Quick Set. 
 So I changed out the set and moved the site, and it happened again today
I tried the Quick Set with my 507C MM pump.  I liked the fact that
 there was no tail when disconnecting and the fact that I didn't need to use 
separate dressings and the Quick Set did stick real well.  However, I had 
bleeding the same as you describe and my numbers did go up.   Also had 2  
bleeders that shot across the bathroom.  I know this can happen but it seemed 
to be often with the Quick Sets.  I have gone back to SofSets and haven't had 
any bleeding problems.  My experience and YMMV.       Ellie
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