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[IP] Re: PDA, Tracker and emails

Depending on the mail client you use on the desktop, you most likely can get
your emails when you sync with the PDA. I used Outrage Express when I used a
PC and synced my PDA to it. My fella used to, until MSN changed him to v. 6
and now he has to go through the web to see his mails.

You COULD get a wireless modem for the PDA, but *I* find that a bit
impractical, as I have Cable at home and AirPort on the lappy-top so I can
link at Starbuck's to tmobile, or at the APPLE store through their network
(Free, too!).  If you want to use OE and have Windows 98,2000,ME, Not sure
about XP.... you can set the mail conduit in your hotsync preferences
(Settings/Conduits). If you have a Mac and use Entourage email client, you
can dl the conduit for entourage email to go to your PDA.

Good luck with the program and the PDA. I have a cell phone on mine and
don't leave home without it.

Failure is not an option....It comes bundled with the software.
                                                (--------Bill Gates?)
Jenny Sutherland
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