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Re: [IP] Infusion Confusion


  It sounds like you may be a prime canidate for trying the 
Tenders/Sils/Comforts that go in at an angle instead of straight in.  You did 
not mention having tried any of those.  I know and understand the frustration 
of not having it work.  When Josh, now age 10.5, started 2.5 years ago we 
were averaging 5-6 sites in 7 days.  His biggest problem was that nothing 
would stick to him.  We were given the Dis Tenders that go in at an angle.  
We BOTH hated those.  But Josh was not willing to try the Rapid with the 
needle and we really wanted to be able to disconnect (he was taking swimming 
lessons at that time) So after about 8 months of total frustration he 
actually came off the pump for a short time to allow his tummy to heal (only 
place he would do sites then) and I researched the skin glues as well as 
getting approval for trying the MM Sof-Set micros (we are using a Dis pump)  
With the approval and some samples in hand as well as the Mastisol Liquid 
Adhesisve we started again, also using top part of hiney, and VOILA!!!!!!  No 
turning back for us now!!  We happen to be one of those who do MUCH better 
with the 90 degree angle.  But there are others, and unfortunately you sound 
like one of them, who do much better at the 15-30 degree angle.
But your frustration of not having it work, and constant changing of sites 
and feeling like you are about to quit because you KNOW that pumping is not 
for you.........believe me, been there, done that!!!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua who is growing and thriving!
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