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[IP] Paradigm/for Medtronics/problem solvers

Im on my third paradigm and have a few suggestions for Medtronics people and
maybe this will be helpful for the members of our group.....
1st paradigm...Mottled screen....I realize now that the mottling(sp) was
caused by polarized lenses on my sun glasses. I could'nt figure why the screen
was unreadable only  when I was in my truck.Thought it was the air
conditioner....when showing my problem to an employee (This was the day I
received my second pump and the problem was repeating itself)  he said" I dont
see what your problem is" so I took off my sun glasses and Lo and Behold.....
2nd Paradigm....No Delivery..
3rd Paradigm....No delivery.... Part of my decision to up-grade to the
Paradigm from the 508 was the ability to refill the reservoir I use 60-70
Units a day and the reservoir holds only about 150 after priming....  I am a
cheapo..I admit it..I hate spending money on these infusion sets but thats
another story...It never occurred to me that the reservoir would wear
out....Sorry folks they dont last forever....as soon as i changed the
reservoir..Lo  and Behold....No more "No Delivery".

I must say that the representatives of MedTronics were entirely professional
and gracious while dealing with me( I can be difficult at times)especially
when i spent so much on a product that i think dosn't work.The problems I
encountered may be unusual but I hope the good people at MedTronics and the
fine members of our group will find this informative.
Bob Q
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