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[IP] Re: bolus "cheat" sheets


That's really great! As a shameless copier, I've
added a low-bg carb table to the roster on the site.
Hope it matches what you/other pumpers need.

(Note: If you've already visited the site, you may
need to press the refresh button while holding down
the shift key to avoid reloading the page from your
local cache)

I noticed that when I plugged in my numbers, the
range of lows that I typically treat (45-65) match
up with 10-15g carbs.  But after treating the
immediate low, I try to always refer to the unused
bolus table to figure out what might be in store for
me in the near future.

regards and no bounces,
b:'66 dx:'94 Paradigm:7/02

bolus "cheat" sheet web-site:

To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: bolus "cheat" sheets
From: "maverickmom" <email @ redacted>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 23:22:46 -0700
Reply-To: email @ redacted

Hi Mark!
We give only as much glucose as needed to bring the bg
to target level. We typically use 4g glucose tablets
and they can get us within 2g of a necessary dose
(since they can be broken in half - or even fourths,
within 1g, if you want to get really anal lol).
Shannon's bg will rise about 3.5pts for each gram of
glucose (this is the bg to carb ratio - there are
directions on how to figure this out on the How-To
but you may have already observed how much your bg
rise on X grams on your own). Her target bg is 100.
equation for the bg/carb ratio is this:

actual bg - target bg divided by 3.5 (or whatever your
own bg to carb ratio is)

So, if her bg were 55:
55-100 = 45, 45/3.5 =12.8g needed (we'd give three 4g
glucose tabs)

Her chart basically reads that for X bg (given as a
range) she needs to take X grams of glucose, ie: X
number of glucose tablets or X oz of regular soda,
etc. This is just so that she doesn't have to do any
figuring. In a dire emergency she can take whatever
wants, of course, I'm not picky, but this helps her if
she still has some ability to think and just needs
direction on what to take (and it helps other people
who may be caring for her).

I think you and I are figuring the same thing, just in
different ways (I think yours does have more steps but
'suum cuique'). :)

Hope this helps! If any of this needs explaining, let
me know.

PS...once (in a middle of the night stupor) I bolused
for the time rather than the bg (oops! duuuuuh!)...the
bg was like 200-something and the time was 4:21am
never forget that). The difference in the amount of
bolus was pretty big, of course. Once I realized what
had done (which was almost immediately, thank
I figured out that she would need X grams of glucose
cover that extra insulin. So, I gave her that much
glucose (soda and tablets) and checked her bg hourly
all night long and she was just fine. I think it was
something like 56g of carb that she needed but I can't
really remember exactly, it's been a while.

Take care, Kerri

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