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[IP] Infusion Confusion

I'm feeling very sorry for myself this morning, my blood sugar's have been 
over 300 for a couple of days, I can't seem to find an infusion set that 
works for me other than the old NON-disconnect Rapids.  I've tried Ultraflex 
and Tenders and Quicksets and bent needle- from Minimed and Disetronic.  I 
finally got a hold of some skin cement so my a.m. walk didn't slide them out 
at the site and got an infusion set that had a larger guage cannula (the new 
Rapid Disconnects are 28 Gauge) and checked insulin expiration dates, yada, 
yada, yada.

Yesterday I changed sets 3 different times!  And only came down to normal 
(under 160!!!) long enough to avoid DKA when I injected mucho insulin.  
Could I be disturbing the needle/cannula during a moderate walk (3 mph for 
45 minutes), in my sleep.  I've never had so much trouble with infusion sets 
as I have since I started with those Disetronic disconnects.

Did I mention I'm ravenous, exhausted and feel like crap? Oh, you figured 
that out, huh?  Sorry about the long vent.  I just needed to get it out.  My 
blood sugar isn't any lower but somehow I feel better.


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