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[IP] Re: veterans question

Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 21:53:33 EDTFrom: email @ redacted: [IP]
veterans question Hi you great veterans of diabetes,I was just wondering
about 2 questions1.  What was the best thing your parents did for you?2.
What was the worst thing your parents did to/for you? Thanks!Deirdre~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hi
Deirdre, I *guess* I'm a veteran -- dxed at the age of 20 months in
1964.  As far as the answers to your questions I'd have to say:1.  Best
thing = They didn't feel sorry for me.  The way I grew up was *normal*
for me and I rarely (except for waking up from a seizure) felt sorry for
myself.  I guess the attitude in my house was, "that's the hand you were
dealt, do what you need to do to be healthy."  (I know that my parents
had felt *guilty* because I had been diagnosed with IDDM, but as I got
older I always tried to make them feel better -- because it wasn't
*anybodys fault* that I had DM.)   I had the mumps when I was 18 months
old and they believe that the virus destroyed my pancreas.  I am the
youngest of 5 children and besides having my parents support, I had 4
guardian angels (my brothers and sisters) who would always check on me. 
2.  Worst thing =  This one I had to really think about for quite a
while.  I guess I would have to agree with Georges' response = "You can't
do that because you're diabetic."  --- Sally Dawson--- Ft. Bragg, NC---
email @ redacted 
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