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[IP] RE: 3 Years Pumping and Still Clicking

Today marks my third anniversary as an insulin pumper.  And as promised in
the past, I have sent off my annual contribution to Insulin Pumpers to help
support the wonderful information, insight and support that the site has
provided for me over the last three plus years.  Michael needs our help, so
please join me in helping pay the bills for the site.

As I reflect back on how my life has changed in the last 3 years, I can
point to a number of things going on in my life that have altered my
perspective and approach to life.  But the simple act of starting on an
insulin pump has had the most profound effect of all.  I realize that a
pump is not for everyone and that it works better for some than for others.
But for me, life is excedingly much better since I started pumping.  It is
hard for me to think about being diabetic and NOT pumping!  Sure, yes,
diabetes is still a real pain, but while on a pump, life for me is so much
more like that of a non-diabetic that I cannot imagine not being on a pump.
Fortunately, a majority of my pump expenses are covered by medical
insurance.  But even if they were not, I could not and would not give up my
pump.  Many thanks to MiniMed, Disetronic, Animas (and the three newer pump
companies Dana, Deltec and Nipro) for developing the pumps that work so
well, to Lilly and Novo for their development of fast acting insulins that
allow the pump to do its job and to Michael Robinton and Insulin Pumpers
for the wonderful support.

Bob Goodman
Mountain View, California
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