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[IP] Re: IPX ratings and Minimed

I don't think what's been posted in hatred as much as it is just confusion. 
Also, the issue seems to be what would happen if there were a problem. There 
doesn't seem to be a clear answer on this.
It's great that you have put your pump through all those things and it 
performs perfectly. But what if someone else had a different experience?
I think if there were a clear answer about what would happen if the Paradigm 
were to become waterlogged and ruined, then you wouldn't be reading all of 
these posts asking that question or concerns about it.
I do think the fact that Minimed recently increased the time frame for water 
resistancy to 24 hours (according to another poster) is an excellent sign for 
those using the Paradigm.
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 9/14/02 9:00:53 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< After sitting at the bottom of an eight ft. pool for 24 hours you should 
out and dry off! If you are under that long than you'd be waterlogged before
your pump. Seems to be a lot of hatred on this list towards mini-med and
whether their pump is watertight, water resistant, waterproof. My paradigm has
been buried in sand, in lake water for 8 hours in and out all day, and in
highly chlorinated local swimming pools with no problems even though I didn't
dry it off. Which means my paradigm is Water-whatever, it works well.

Michael >>
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