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[IP] Really not a bad Mommy

I can relate to the bad mommy story. When my oldest child was six months old,
I discovered I was pregnant again. I was on DMI at the time and had many
experiences of hypo's that came on "just like that" without any warning what
so ever. I ate my lunch one day and became sick, after I vomited (extended
morning sickness from the pregnancy), I laid down and went to sleep. I woke up
to the baby crying, I took her out of the crib, laid out the blanket and laid
her on the floor and fell asleep next too her. All this happened in a stupor -
thank goodness nothing happened to her or me. My husband came home and found
me sleeping - really stupid by this time and the baby still crying.

Anyway to make the long story short, this brought about awareness to my
extended family to check on me when my husband is anticipated to work late or
through the night. Being pregnant, my sisters and brother would just stay with
me -whoever was available.

I know now, to always check my BG when I do the early indicators, everybody
may have those but mine is fidgeting with my feet and hands. When my husband
and other family members see that they ask if I am OK and know that I may
"hand them a line of Beans". We have a code word "in a stupor" and they all
know to take action.

Things do happen with a person with any illness and sometimes we become
complacent in thinking we all have it under control but there will be a time
when it isn't so. having Hypos is a fact of life and we all need the support
of our family. I am thankful for the pump because those severe lows are no
longer an issue but I do fidget once and a while-and family members will ask
me if I am OK. I have overcome the defense to argue about it now. It took time
and awareness for my support to happen and they all told me that they are glad
that I am pumping now too. Happy pumping Sharon B
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