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Re: [IP] Diabetes Interview

In a message dated 9/14/02 12:47:31 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< What is Diabetes Interview that so many folks here are
 talking about?  I checked online, but no photo to
 which I've seen reference.  Not sure if it's
 subscription only (online?) or who publishes. >>

OK, since I'm the editor ...

Diabetes Interview is a monthly magazine about diabetes. It was started in 
1991 by Scott and Nadia King and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Right now, it is available by subscription only, but it will soon be sold in 
a bookstore chain  as single-issue copies. I'll let you know when and what 
bookstore when I can.

The owner has type 1 diabetes. The editor has type 2 diabetes. Many of our 
writers are "real people" who live with diabetes themselves and, therefore, 
have a personal understanding of it. Some of the writers belong to IP. 

Readership is about evenly divided between type 1 and type 2, although I 
believe it is primarily thought of as a "type 1 magazine" because it covers 
issues relating to type 1 more so than Forecast or Self-Management. 
Circulation is mostly in the United States, but we do have subscribers 
overseas -- even in China. 

Each issue contains feature articles, briefs about new products and recent 
research, and monthly columns including one on pumping. Each issue also 
contains a product feature (recently, we had one on insulin pumps that listed 
all of the pumps available at the time and their features). Oh, yeah -- and 
comics! Selected feature articles are available online at 
www.diabetesinterview.com. You can also request a free issue online so you 
can check it out and see if you want to subscribe (you will get bills, but 
don't have to pay unless you want to subscribe -- you just won't get any more 

All articles in the magazine are read by a clinical adviser for accuracy. 
(Not that we don't make some mistakes on occasion -- we're only human -- but 
I think they're minimal.) We can also call on our advisory board to answer 
questions. Our advisory board includes some of the top "names" in the 
diabetes world, including Marion Franz (nutritional advisor), Dr. Bruce Bode 
(pump advisor), Dr. William Polonsky (psychosocial advisor) and Jean 
Betschart Roemer (pediatric advisor).

The current issue contains articles on "Perfect Control: Is it possible? Is 
it worth it?," "Diabetes and Kidney Disease: What are the four stages?" and 
"Stopping the Diabetes Police." The pump column -- which has been discussed a 
bit here -- is about places to wear your pump -- including photos of some of 
those places.

OK, I'm done. Sorry so long.

Jan and Elvis
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