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RE: [IP] Re: Roger/IPX ratings

My statement wasn't intended to be anything other than a question. I thought
it was humorous that MM says it can be underwater for 24 hours, but the rep
was saying to get out and dry it off periodically. It just struck me as
ironic, so I asked the question. My apologies if it offended you.

I try really hard to restrict my comments about MM to facts that may be
important to prospective pump purchasers. I also ask probing questions to
gain insight from other users and parents of users. If you go back and read
ANY of my posts you will not find anything that is not backed up by MM. I
only leave out the 'spin'.

I did a lot of research, prior to pump selection. I talked a little to the
sales reps, but mostly to people that have been there and done that. I
wanted technical facts and user opinions/experiences. I am grateful to the
people on this list that shared information to think about, information
about "their" pump and their pump company. We are satisfied with our pump
selection as are many Paradigm users. I'm sorry but I feel compelled to
share my experience and research with other pump searchers.

If you don't like my posts, that you think are 'hateful' toward MM, then
please delete them. They are directed not to the people that have made their
4-year commitment, but mostly to people that are about to. I point out
things to THINK about and I'm glad people did that for me.

Mike Swaithes
Husband to Pat
Dad to Alicia (9) & Lindsey (Z) 12, dx 5/98

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael English

After sitting at the bottom of an eight ft. pool for 24 hours you should get
out and dry off! If you are under that long than you'd be waterlogged before
your pump. Seems to be a lot of hatred on this list towards mini-med and
whether their pump is watertight, water resistant, waterproof. My paradigm
been buried in sand, in lake water for 8 hours in and out all day, and in
highly chlorinated local swimming pools with no problems even though I
dry it off. Which means my paradigm is Water-whatever, it works well.


Mike Swaithes wrote:

> Why would you need to get out and dry it off? If it can sit in 8 feet of
> water for 24 hrs, then there would be no reason to dry it off. Am I
> something here?
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