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[IP] Re: Questions for Veterans

Usually when the questionnaire asks: Are you a
veteran? I answer "NO".  Not sure how we're defining
it here either, but I've had Type I for more than 30
years, so probably am in the right category...

Okay, my answers:
1)  Worst thing?  Dropped me off at the hospital the
day I was diagnosed.  LITERALLY dropped me off - I got
out of the car at the front doors and walked myself
into admitting.  They showed up a couple times that
week to see how I was doing.

2)  Best thing?  Same thing.  You see, in the end, I'm
the ONLY person responsible for my own health. 
Sometimes my attitude causes a bit of strife with
those close to me since I just don't like explaining
EVERYTHING to them and I REALLY don't like unsolicited
suggestions (even when they're good ones).

I'm very independent. Being diabetic did give me a few
advantages for travel opportunities that my siblings
did not get such as summer camp and back-packing trips
(ADA sponsored stuff).  But, I've NEVER let D get in
my way of me taking off and going places.  

The recent talk of back-up pumps never crossed my mind
the numerous times I've traveled overseas.  I just
pack everything in my pack and take off.  

I digress & ramble.  Haven't had any coffee yet this

-gail in denver
dx'd T1 02/14/72 age 11, pumping since 1985-ish.

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