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Re: [IP] kids and special shoes

My daughter (like many adolescent girls) is VERY into her shoes and the
   thought > of having her shoe options limited because of her diabetes would
    not go over > well . . . Anybody care to comment on the whole issue of
   "diabetic shoes"  ?

We live in St. Louis,  where we have the benefit of two (thank goodness)
children's hospitals------  St. Louis Children's Hospital and Cardinal
Children's Hospital.

I've talked to Endo's and CDE's from both hospitals and what we were
advised was that special shoes weren't necessary, however,  special
care is.    They said to buy good shoes,  well fitting shoes,  wear socks
whenever possible, etc.    And sure, since money is a REAL problem for
us I can't buy him the expensive shoes my mom used to buy him.    But
I can make sure that they fit well and don't cause blisters, etc.

And he does go barefoot in the house,  but we insist that he wear at least
sandles outside.


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