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[IP] Parents


The best thing my parents did for me was do the best
they could.  But since there was no home glucose
testing, there were no insulin pumps, not even
disposable needles (much less syringes), it was tough.
 Life was very depressing, and I did have a pretty
miserable time of it.  

The worst thing they did was baby me too much.  I was
diagnosed at age 11, and they did not force me to even
give my own shots, which I was more than capable of
doing.  I used my diabetes constantly as an excuse for
getting my way.  My siblings resented the extra
attention I got, of course.  Some of it was very
necessary, but some of it wasn't.  

I just felt terrible all of the time - highs and lows
will get you that way!  Very depressed.

I didn't feel capable of going to college, and they
did not encourage me to do that at all.

(I was diagnosed in 1965.)

When I did leave home (at age 19 or 20) to go live
with my sister, my mother cried for 2 days straight. 
She was sure I wouldn't survive!

But I will say that since I've been away from home
(been married, then divorced, then lived by myself for
a long time, then married again, now living by myself
temporarily cuz husband had to move away to work), I
think she just prefers not to think about my diabetes
at all.  She never even asks about it.  Since I've
survived this long, I think she thinks I've got it
'all under control'!  Well, no one I know does that,
but I am pretty darn healthy for having had D for this
long.  I have at least as much energy and stamina as
any of my 3 siblings.  I do think this disease brings
out the fighter in a lot of us - we fight to stay

Well, sorry for the rambling.  I find the discussion
of waking kids up to check sugars, etc., fascinating. 
That wasn't an option for my parents - no way to

Somehow I survived, it seems like a miracle, actually.


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