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[IP] Re: Roger/IPX ratings

In a message dated 9/13/02 9:55:59 PM, email @ redacted writes:

I'm pretty sure the "24 hours" part of your description of the Paradigm IPX 
rating is incorrect. I  have repeatedly seen and heard 30 minutes as the time 
frame for water resistancy with the Paradigm.
As for your 18-miler, you will be exhausted but also that much more confident 
and mentally prepared for your marathon. I remember my 18-miler. It was 
actually more like 19 and on a very hot day. It is such a monumental step!

<< Deanna,
Thanks for your input.  I'm still waiting for Animas to e-mail me back as to
the IPX rating of the Animas 1000.  The Paradigm is rated IPX8, which means
8' x 24 hours. So far, the comments have been far more favorable on the
As far as Tm D training, we're running 18 miles tomorrow. Ugh!
Roger >>
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