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[IP] travel with pumps

barbara wrote:
> (I have a 508), and they tell me they can only send out507Cs
>SNIP... I am terrified something will happen to my pump.
> SNIP do you all INSURE your loaner pump?? 

The main differences are 507/507Cs only have one basal profile, no remote and 
no vibrate mode...you can get other things for the vibrate 
function...hopefully you can deal with only having one basal profile (NOTE  
this does NOT mean ONE basal rate, it means ONE basal profile), and surely 
you don't need the remote...the less stuff you have to tote the better in my 
opinion.  Which is why I have never traveled with a spare pump...across the 
country, to Europe, to infiniity and beyond.  

As to the replacement cost, you BETCHA it will cost to replace the lost or 
stolen pump - You are lucky it is only half price (I guess that is 
driving-off-the-lot depreciation, eh?).  How much do you tihnk it would cost 
to replace your own pump??  Unless you have it covered on your homeowners 
policy or something like that, you are SOL if you lose it or it is 
stolen...Minimed isn't going to "eat" your lose, so to speak, Just as 
Allstate will just shrug their shoulders if your car is stolen,,,and your 
comprehensive policy lapsed 2 weeks earlier...

I would "personally" recommend that if you are as terrified as you write. 
that you LEAVE it home and take syringes.  Worst case scenario...If your 
suitcase is stolen with the spare pump in it, and then you are pick pocketed 
while you are filling out the lost forms, whatcha gonna do?   However, that 
said, I would say, RELAX...just go have fun...and bring enough syringes, IN 
CASE somethng happens (there are pumpers all over th world though, if that 
makes you feel better). If it makes you feel better to have a spare, bring 
it, but not if you are gonna be constantly worried about it!  Call your 
insurance carrier adn ask if you can add it.  Can't you add expensive watches 
and paintings?  not that I HAVE expensive watches or paintings...but SOME 
people do....

bon voyage!!!

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