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Subject:Re [IP] Isn't This List for Support?

I agree completely with your thoughts, Sometimes I feel as though some of
these people are children instead of adults.We all have opinions and need to
here them, but not the petty nick picking and worrying all the time if we are
to coat our words not to hurt someone or think someone is a sexist or other.
Way to Go Rosalie,for saying what I have been thinking while reading some of
the latest letters. Carla

"What I am concerned about is the manner in which people sometimes SLAM one
another.  We are all here in this big boat together. When someone expresses
opinion or an idea, is it really necessary to put them down or make snide
comments?  Rather, can't we learn to think first and be kind to one another.
WE ALL HAVE DIABETES!!!!!WE ALL SUFFER!!!  Why add to another person's
difficult struggle with this.  I for one needed to express my feelings and
opinions on this.  Kindness and compassion are very good rules to adhere to.
Some of us have been dealing with this disease for a lifetime, some for a
shorter period of time.  I have allot to learn from all of you and none of us
have all the answers.  Just my 2 cents.
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