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[IP] I'm just dying to get that pump!

I saw my D.O. today instead of my NP.  It was really kind of an accident, in
a way.  My foot and large toe on my left foot was really hurting.  I was
limping around the house and in a lot of pain.  Turns out that I now have
metatarsalagia from an equine deviation.  Or as my doctor says, better to
have a horse's foot than to be a horse's a**!.  I got a recommendation for
metatarsal pads and set out to shop for them.

But, before I left I showed him my now getting worn copy of pumping insulin.
We discussed it briefly.  Better, more normal control, lose weight, reverse
complications, yadda, yadda.  He agrees with me!!!!!  He is giving me a
referral to an endo!!!!!!!!    He did have this word of caution.  He advised
that some people do not do well with a pump and then go back to lantus and
humalog.  Having been watching the list closely, I know that is a
possibility, but I think over all I have a good chance of success.

So, off I go to get my metatarsal pads!  I'm feeling hungry and take my BG
(I now carry my test kit every where -- a far cry from testing twice a day).
It reads 59  DO YOU NEED A SNACK?

Note to all on the list -- My reaction to this low was all wrong!!!!  Of
course, it would not have been much better than the crackers and the apple
juice my NP had suggested.

I go into Burger King and order their two new burgers and a small milkshake.
I mention, please give me the milk shake right away as I'm having an insulin
reaction.  The ask the obligatory,  "Is this for here or to go?"  I look the
counter girl in the eyes and say,  "Would you want to be on the same road I
would be driving right now?"

I'm trying to suck that milk shake down and I'm not getting any where.  I
walk back to the counter and ask for a spoon.  Now I am shoveling that milk
shave down and starting to feel bad.  I eat some hamburger.  Sweat pour from
everywhere on my body.  My heart is racing like a trip hammer and I am
scared as hell!  I wobble up to the counter and get tollhouse cookies.  I am
munching them down.  As I'm eating them, I am wondering should I be calling
911 -- the cell phone is in the car.  I don't want my car parked at Burger
King for days.  Then the possibility that I might die starts rearing it's
ugly head.

One more trip to the counter.  Hot apple pie!  The now visibily nervous
staff only warm and not heat the pastry so I can down it.

I am coming around.  The sweating has stopped.  I'm not scared anymore.  But
I feel incredibly tired.  While I wait, I read a newspaper and start getting
scared all over again.  But at least it's not from a low blood sugar!

I go home and retest.  I am now at 220, which for me isn't bad.  But I take
20 units of humalog and hit the sack.  Three hours later I wake up and now I
am at 376 and taking 50 units of insulin.  Talk about a roller coaster ride!

My 14 day average -- since my challenge 8 days ago to get to 160 was down
289 to 200.  An 89 point average drop in one week!!!!

In one sense of the word, I was willing to die for my  right to pump.

But, in a now calm reflection I realize that I won!!!!!!  I will get a
referral and if the first endo won't work with me and be pump friendly then
I'll get another referral.  It's my body -- it's my condition -- it's my


PS.  I got to meet Roselea last night.  She is totally awesome!!!  She, her
husband, my friend and I had dinner.  Too bad we couldn't have had a larger
crowd.  Maybe next time.

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