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[IP] Not so Stupid (?) pump questions

>Second, ( What does one do about pumping during "romantic interludes)"?
I have both disconnected and not !! It became a part of me, that me or my
hubby do not notice if I don't have time.
 I sleep in the (sorry people) nude, and I used to hook it to my thigh @ night
in a pouch, now for the last 4 months I just lay it next to me and have only
rolled on once and the hubby got caught once.  I am a very restless sleeper,I
am all over the place (rut like a pig-said the hubby) but like having your
children next to you while you sleep when they are babies (you just know that
it is there.
I have been pumping since Feb 2002 and it has saved my life.I was eating
nothing , 4 shots a day, A1cs over 12, having bs of  35 to 600 several times a
day, I the hospital every few months and lost so much weight that my 14year 95
lb boy and I could wear the same pants.  I have gained my weight back feel
great and my sugars are in control, no perfect all the time,but my A1cs are
6.1 and 6.5 in just a few months. I eat normal food and feel great. It is not
easy, I watch my carbs and all the not fun stuff, but life can't get much
better than this.........  Sorry To Ramble, But I Feel Great And Think That If
Your Dr. Don't What You Feel Great(CHANGE).It Is Worth It   {Just my opinion.}
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