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[IP] You're not a bad mommy

Sherry, I too worry about my son and what he thinks about my hypos.  Before
being on the pump, I too was having many.  My son is now 5 yrs. old and he
will ask me if I think I need a glass of milk.  We have talked about my pump
and why I wear it and how sometimes, mom needs some sugar.  Tylar really does
very well.  The other day, Ty told me that he can all 911 if I don't listen to
Sounds like you are pretty lucky and that you have support from your husband.
Tylar on the other hand has his dad telling him that if mommy can't get sugar
under control that he will come live with him.  Dad just doesn't know how good
of control, we do have of my sugars and that Ty is a big help.
(This was dad's whole defense for getting custody of our son, judge through it
out after 2 days of listening to people lying about my "lack" of control.
Best wishes-
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