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Re: [IP] I'm a bad Mommy!

. Sherry ignores the
> juice, eats chocolate. DUH)
> I asked my husband 
For 14 years i had been eating candy and cookies for
lows. I was dx at 36 so it wasn't childhood
deprivation. It was just an excuse to eat junk. In the
last year(thanks to this list), I treat lows with
glucose tabs pretty much all the time. It is so much
better. At night(vary rarely now) I would get up test,
and hunt around for something GOOD to eat. I guess I
thought it was permission to eat sugar. The tabs work
so much faster(almost immediately I'm feeling better)
and I don't continue eating and feeling like I'm
starving. I have them stashed everywhere.(Much better
then the cookie crumbs in my pockets, etc) I bought a
few of the tubes and now refill them with the bigger
bottle. I rarely bounce now. I also think this works
better with the pump because if I want a cookie now I
eat one and bolus. Sherry as far as your kid, if
that's the worse it gets, you're doing great. All the 
Love will get thru. meg

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