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Re: [IP] Re: travelling with loaner pump - HELP!

In a message dated 9/13/02 12:21:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well, I've just spoken to MM about a loaner pump for my out-of-the-country
 upcoming trip (I have a 508), and they tell me they can only send out
 507Cs, which they say are almost the same.  ?????   Anybody have experience
 with that? I am terrified something will happen to my pump. >>

I got a loaner once when I was out of country for three weeks. I got a 506. I 
didn't insure it and nothing happened to it. 

Do check with your airline to see what kind of documentation you need to 
travel with sharp objects overseas. I am going to Europe next week and found 
out that I needed a note from my doctor, dated within a year of my trip, and 
any syringes I carry need to be in an unopened container with a pharmacy 
label on them. I don't use a lot of syringes and usually just toss a couple 
in my supplies bag. So I called my endo's office and his nurse arranged for 
my pharmacy to sell me two 10-packs of syringes, each with a pharmacy label 
plastered on it. 

BTW, for anybody who travels by plane anywhere, you know that you need to 
carry your insulin in the container with a pharmacy label on it. My 
pharmacist put a label on a pill vial that my insulin fits into. Neat! That 
way, the cardboard box doesn't get all smooshed up and the insulin doesn't 
fall out, etc.

Jan and Elvis
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