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[IP] Re: I'm a bad mommy

No, Sherry, you are not, I repeat, not a bad mommy!  However, when Sean gets 
older and says to you "Mom, is your sugar low?" remember this episode!  
Every, and I do mean every, time I get a little "off the chain" my Sarah asks 
me that question!  I used to try to take care of her first when she was 
little, like you did Sean, until someone told me I have to take care of 
myself first so I can be in control to take care of the little one!  So, now, 
if I am low I take care of my need first, then the kids needs.  You know I 
have a 5 yr old.  She is very demanding but she too is at the point some days 
where she asks "the question", Mom, so you need sugar?!!

Take care Sherry and do get the glucose tabs!

Debbie and Magnum I.P. from the big town of Kevil--between Possumn Trot and 
Monkeys Eyebrow-
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