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[IP] Fossamax (Edidronate)

From: email @ redacted (Marshfield - High School - Nancy - Currie)
Subject: [IP] Osteoporosis and diabetes

I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis by having a bone density test.
Alas, another chronic condition to add to my list.  I am addicted to coffee
as it was a free food prior to my pumping days and wondered about calcium
absorption and caffeine.  I have read that it does effect absorption but am
unsure of when I read that.  My doctor has placed me on Fosamax and wondered
if any have had any experience with that.
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Osteoporosis is common among diabetic women and also men.The cause  has not
been identified yet and is a research project sitting on the trash burners
of NIH. I submitted 3 grant applications to study it but it usually requires
four applications to get funded. There seems to be an upregulation in the
cells that leach calcium out of the bones. Some factor makes them more
likely to destroy bone. Fossamax makes the same cells work properly, to form
new bone. It is a powerful drug. prior to its introduction to the  market we
used to give Aridia (similar drug) intravenously. It reqire that you dont
have an ulcer nor a history of ulcers, that you dont have an esophageal or
swollowing disorder and that you can sit up for 30 minutes after you eat. I
would suggest a mild form of work out when you are taking Fosamax as it
works better if there is stress on the bones, it forces those cells to
laydown calcium. Pilates and Power Walking are good as they are not
stressful to the cardiovascular system. It is not necessary to run, women
are not built to do running. Playing Baseball with a girls team also
qualifies. spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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