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[IP] not a bad mommy!!


you are not a bad mommy...ask leslie bagwill on how she has managed to scare 
her kids once or twice, and they still love her anyway (and who are 
surprisingly well adjusted despite her best attempts   hehehehhe)

I will, however, yell at you (in love) to get some dex tabs or smarties or 
whatever you can abide the taste of and keep them handy...in the diaper bag, 
in the glove box, at your mother in laws, in the kitchen junk drawer, and 
FORCE yourself to eat them when you need them.  

I have never HAD my own kids, so obviously I can't relate to your EXACT 
feelings, but have been responsible for the temporary care of hundreds of the 
little stinkers, and know it is more better to let them starve (yeah right) 
or cry, than for me to try and do anything when my bg is low.  

you KNOW in your right mind that chocolate doesn't help...just as I know, in 
my right mind, that shopping for socks when I am low doesn't help!  It is 
that thing we were taught as little kids...they only let us have those 
forbidden foods like cookies and candy bars when we were low...and now that 
we are the grown ups, we react the same way....and now even though we are 
better educated and "know" that a fat laden candy bar is NOT gonna help as 
fast as some pure carb smarties or dex tabs...we still revert to that inner 
child who was denied candy bars!

You need a TREATMENT, not a treat (at least right NOW)...and you are not a 
bad mommy cuz you let your inner child win the I WANT A CANDY BAR temper 
tantrum, but you would be a healthier mommy if you kept dex tabs handy.  In 
most cases they will raise your blood sugar to a reasonable level in 10 or 15 
minutes..and just the peace of mind you will have KNOWING those pure carbs 
are in you, will let you relax a little and maybe enable you to deal with the 
screaming baby a little better.  

Sean will recover....just do your best to keep it from happening again...but 
if it does, remember, YOU are the mommy now.  you have to tell the inner 
child what it can and can not have in times of hypo...save the candy bar for 
later when you can really enjoy it!!

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