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[IP] Re: Isn't this list for support

Rosalie Wrote:
>This is not directed at anyone in particular. I joined this list in May,
>before going on the pump. I joined because I wanted to be involved with
>people who have diabetes and can relate to the difficulties and challenges
>this presents to all of us. I have gotten great information from this list.
>What I am concerned about is the manner in which people sometimes SLAM one
>another. We are all here in this big boat together. When someone expresses
>opinion or an idea, is it really necessary to put them down or make snide
>comments? Rather, can't we learn to think first and be kind to one another.
>WE ALL HAVE DIABETES!!!!!WE ALL SUFFER!!! Why add to another person's
>difficult struggle with this. I for one needed to express my feelings and
>opinions on this. Kindness and compassion are very good rules to adhere to.
>Some of us have been dealing with this disease for a lifetime, some for a
>shorter period of time. I have alot to learn from all of you and none of us
>have all the answers. Just my 2 cents.
Rosalie I totally agree. I have not been too active on this list for a few
months BECAUSE of the fact that flamers have been coming out lately. I have
been attacked serveral times because my diabetes is not normal. So I am very
glad you felt you could come forward with your concerns. Thank you for

Cherry & Shrieking Shrew
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