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[IP] re: Seasonal bg fluctuations (continued)

Billie said:

This is just my opinion, but doesn't it also seem that
the winter months
is the time when our bodies would naturally think to
save more fat for
the times when food would have been more scarce.  I
believe our bodies
have their own defense mechanisms and have been
constructed so to do
whatever it takes.  If this is the case, your
metabolism would probably
slow down and you would not be using your food as fuel
in the same way
as in the months when food would be more plentiful.
Who knows?  JMHO  :-)

And Kerri responded:

Yep...less activity, thus slower metabolism, equals
more insulin. This is the case with my daughter.

But this had nothing to do with my original post.  I understand and believe it's pretty typical for bgs to rise in the winter months because of reduced physical activity (unless, of course, you are involved in skiing or other heavy physcial activity that is different from your spring/summer/autumn routine - I'm not).  And after 34 years of this disease, that is my typical response, starting some time in November until mid-February when the weather starts to warm up.  My original note had to do with a SUDDEN series of serious hypo reactions that I've been experiencing for the last three years at a specific time of the year (late summer, early autumn) that seems totally nonsensical to me and doesn't appear to be related to allergies or anthing else (I don't suffer from allergies).  In response to Sara's note, I have never seen this matter posted here in the two years I've been part of this group; however, I will check the archives to see what has been posted previously that ad!
dresses the question as I have posed it.


On another matter, I am feeling some agreement with the sentiments shared by Rosalie and, to a lesser degree, those shared by Sylvia.  I joined this list two years ago, and I have benefitted tremendously from being a part of this community.  I don't post often, but reserve my comments to time and situations where I think I have something of value to offer the group as a whole.  Far too much time and effort is, I think, being spent on defending opinions, hurt feelings, and egos, instead of recognizing that we are all entitled to our opinions and belief systems and we are probably never going to have 100% consensus on one or more aspects of treatment protocols.  I also think we are sometimes too hasty in jumping in and responding to posts we've scanned, but we haven't REALLY digested what's been written or is being asked (the original post I mentioned above is proof of that).  I try to take care when I frame anything I post to the list.  I have learned to skip through the mess!
ages I have no desire to follow (I'm on digest), but I admit I am growing weary of passing up more than I'm reading as I filter out the "junk".



Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/17/82
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