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[IP] I'm a bad Mommy!

I wanted to share some things with you guys about a hypo I had last night...
I was late picking up the baby last night because I had an appointment with my
psychiatrist after work (I'm working on my depression and making good progress). By
the time I picked up the baby at my mother-in-law's and got into the house, I was
hit by one of those drop-you-like-a-brick-to-the-head hypos. My husband was home
and he held Sean while I tried to get the milk into the house and get the baby's
late dinner ready. Sean was crying and hungry. Instead of stopping and asking my
husband to feed the baby, I insisted on finishing what I was doing. I get stubborn
like that A LOT.  From my memory of it, I was on the shaky side but managed to
serve the baby some yogurt and leftover pizza (excellent dinner, I know). Then
after my husband nagged at me, I did finally scarf down a candy bar and sit with
Sean to eat some pizza myself. (another great hypo example. Sherry ignores the
juice, eats chocolate. DUH)
I asked my husband about it today and he said I was definitely stumbling and barely
on my feet and that I was yelling at the baby.  I remember it as me doing fine with
my balance and not yelling. This makes me feel horrible. He said he baby was crying
and looking to him like "What's wrong with Mommy???" He's sixteen months old and he
has seen me like this several times. I try to work on my basals and I do test
often, but it just seems like sometimes I get ambushed by a hypo that I don't see
This morning I just hugged him tight and told him I was sorry.  He smiled at me and
then went back to tearing up a Kleenex. I hope that I won't disappoint him too much
as he grows up. I want to be a good Mom and I feel horrible that I seem to be mean
to him when I am low.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
Who has the IP to share with about her kidneys, her depression, her pump, her
hypos, her worries.....
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