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[IP] Re: travelling with loaner pump - HELP!

Hi, all -

Well, I've just spoken to MM about a loaner pump for my out-of-the-country
upcoming trip (I have a 508), and they tell me they can only send out
507Cs, which they say are almost the same.  ?????   Anybody have experience
with that? I am terrified something will happen to my pump.

In addition, do you all INSURE your loaner pump?? She said it's $2500 if
lost or stolen; now there's an issue I never even thought of!! What do you
all do?

I used to think travelling with syringes and swabs was a hassle; that was
nothing compared to this. I wonder if it's worth it, since I'll have to
take the syringes anyway.  :<((

Thanks for your help.

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