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[IP] Diabetic Shoes

I agree that shoes should be well fitting - I don't have any circulation or
nerve damage but I do appreciate "good shoes" rather than the canvas shoes,
flats that you can get a k-mart or wal-mart. I noticed the lesser quality
shoes giving me shin-splints (I know that isn't the proper name for that) and
pain in my arches and heels). I purchase name brand shoes on clearance like
Eastland, Bass, Birkenstock and found the quality shoes give me less problems
or pain -so in the long run, good shoes are worth it to me.

Wearing socks and shoes doesn't happen with me when it is sandal season. I
wear athletic shoes and socks to the gym to protect my feet from sliding in my
shoes. Seeing the socks and shoes in the Diabetes Forecast really makes me
angry because they aren't attractive and stereotypical "diabetic shoes". I
feel sorry for those who have to wear them and feel that is a shame that the
shoes are labeled as those. There are many brands of quality shoes that can be
worn that suit the purpose of not rubbing, etc.

Happy pumping and God Bless. Sharon B
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