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Re: [IP] Seasonal bg fluctuations

Yep...less activity, thus slower metabolism, equals
more insulin. This is the case with my daughter.

Take care, Kerri
"I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of
ordinary people leading ordinary lives, filled with
love, compassion, forgiveness, and sacrifice." - Tracy
Chapman [Heaven's Here on Earth, 1994]

Billie said:
his is just my opinion, but doesn't it also seem that
the winter months
is the time when our bodies would naturally think to
save more fat for
the times when food would have been more scarce.  I
believe our bodies
have their own defense mechanisms and have been
constructed so to do
whatever it takes.  If this is the case, your
metabolism would probably
slow down and you would not be using your food as fuel
in the same way
as in the months when food would be more plentiful.
Who knows?  JMHO  :-)
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