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Re: [IP] Isn't This List for Support?


  I've been a member of this list for over 2 years now and I am finding 
myself less and less invovled because of the'bickering' that is now being 
allowed by the administrator.  When I first joined I was constantly being 
told by one or the other to not do this or not do that but yet I see it 
happening all of the itme.  Of course, this list has almost doubled in size 
in these past two years and I totally understanding how didficult it must be 
to keep this list up and running.  But I am finding that the etiquette rules 
are not being followed and that like what you said, people are not being 
allowed to voice their own opinions without having SOMEONE on this list put 
them down for having an opinion.

I think it may be time that this list rethink what it was intended for and 
those who want to BICKER can start their own list!

mom to Joshua who will now just wait and see how many will complain about 
what was just said!!
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