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[IP] out of control and glucowatch

I am thinking about purchasing the glucowatch.  My insurance company
says they will pay for it if they okay it.  I think I will at least
start the process.  From what little I've read on the internet it seems
people just love it or hate it.  Any feedback would be appreciated.
Here is why I'm thinking of it.  I had my endo app't yesterday, my A1C
was 11.0, which was down from 11.4.  I have been fight bone infections
off and on since May 2000.  Currently I have had a central line in since
April.  It seems the bacteria is very antibiotic resistant.  I've had
antibiotic beads implanted to my feet and everything, plus toe
amputation.  The bone infections seem to go from one foot to the other.
In April, the treatment started for the rt foot and now we are fighting
it in the left foot.  I am very discouraged about my blood sugars and
I've been on the pump since 2000.  Once in a while I will have something
I shouldn't, but it is only once in a while and I can compensate for
those times with extra insulin.  It is all the other times.  I know that
stress effects me quite badly.  I don't know how to get rid of my
stress.  3 kids, 2 with ADD, bad health, dad died in April (no will) and
still dealing with his estate.  I babysit 3 kids (love them), plus my
antisocial drunk younger brother is quite a source of stress for whole
family lately.  I'm rambling, I know.
Any suggestions, anything insights.....
Type 1 16plus yrs

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