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Re: [IP] Seasonal bg fluctuations

This is just my opinion, but doesn't it also seem that the winter months 
is the time when our bodies would naturally think to save more fat for 
the times when food would have been more scarce.  I believe our bodies 
have their own defense mechanisms and have been constructed so to do 
whatever it takes.  If this is the case, your metabolism would probably 
slow down and you would not be using your food as fuel in the same way 
as in the months when food would be more plentiful.  Who knows?  JMHO  :-)


maverickmom wrote:

>I notice definite trends in my daughter's bgs depending
>on the season...during the spring and summer she needs
>less insulin, and during the fall and winter she needs
>more insulin. This has been going on every year since
>diagnosis 6yrs ago. Hers seems to be activity related
>(ie: more active during certain times of the year).
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