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Re: [IP] my "original" idea

>I have only been a member of IP for 5 YEARS, and to my knowledge we
>have never discussed it, perhaps in the 4 months IP existed before I
>joined we covered it.  Pardon me for cluttering up the
>heretofore "never-clutterd-with-stupid-ideas" bandwidith of IP.  I
>guess we can get back to much more original topics of discussion such
>as how to make tape more sticky or what to do when your pump gets wet
>or why do my fingers tingle (subtitled, "I have had diabetes for 25 
>years but still can't explain it cuz I am complication "free)


If you are going to throw out ideas to a group, you HAVE to be willing 
to accept criticism of the idea.  I have lots of original ideas that I 
throw out to people...and they quickly get shot down.  :-)  Sometimes 
when we have an idea, we haven't fully thought out all of the 
ramifications/problems with that idea.  That is the benefit of telling 
others...they may see flaws with it that you don't.  That doens't mean 
the original idea is bad, or that you are "stupid"...but that the idea 
might need work/enhancement...or perhaps it won't work at all.  Don't 
take offense if people are not excited for something that you thought 
of...take their comments as a way to improve on an idea.  Believe me, 
I've had so many ideas shot down!  But, occasionally, one of two ends 
up panning out.  It took Thomas Edison many attempts to get a working 
light bulb.  :-)

Incidently, the patch idea probably isn't very practical for type 1, 
but it might be for insulin-dependant type-2 or Gestational diabetes.  

But, I already have an insulin patch.  I wear it on my abdomen, and it 
has this little tube that connects to this machine I wear on my belt. 
It really is nifty...you all should try it sometime!  ;-)

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