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Re: [IP] Pump Shopping Tips (was Re: deltec pump)

well, george they didn't start using the 'juvenile' adjective till 
the day after I was diagnosed *S*
  And thanks for the advice, though it's too late *S*  Actually, since 
they can't ship for a while, I'm not too concerned.  And since it is 
still in first place after my fairly exhaustive research, it wouldn't 
be too bad if it just arrived on my doorstep.  But I trusted the 
sales rep a lot --of course I used to trust my stock broker too :-(

>  it especially attractive to kids, and being one of the original
>  juvenile diabetics, I'm quite happy to jump in.

	Gosh, just how old are you Wayne?     :>)

<<<<<When the pump rep asks you to fill in their "Assignment of Benefits" form
for them to look into your insurance, write on the top in big bold letters
"For Benefit Assessment Only"    This will prevent them from acting without
your permission and shipping you a pump you don't want.  Believe me, IT
HAPPENS!  It would also be a good idea to cross out the sentence that reads
"make payments directly to (name of company)..."   They need the form to
find out what kind of coverage you have, but you need this protection from
having a pump "pushed" on you.   George>>>>>>>>
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