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Re: [IP] my "original" idea

Nice response Sara.  Actually although a lot of people have been 
thinking of alternate ways to deliver insulin, Lily and Novo haven't 
been in the forefront.  The inhalation approaches blindsided those 
companies.  Actually there is current work on insulin "patches" that 
are also Lily- and Novo-free.  Not really a patch, but more a mini 
disposable pump about the size of a patch.  I've seen a prototype by 
a company called Simple Choice, and it had basal delivery plus a 
button for bolusing.  Discard it after 3 or so days.  Keep those 
wishes and original ideas coming hon!  Some companies are listening 
to you! *S*
p.s.  have you ever considered you might have carpal tunnel problems? 
Then you might still be complication "free?"

hal or jo wrote:
>  You answered your own question!  You pointed out
>  that insulin is a hormone.....proteins generally
>  SNIP aren't absorbed through the skin very well...SNIP
>  examples you gave such as the smoker patch, the
>  anti-seasik patch, etc. are for the administration
>  of chemicals, i.e. medications that are NOT hormones.

Actually, if you check my original post, I ALSO gave the example of 
the BIRTH CONTROL patch, which is most certainly a hormone, according 
to both the television ad and the web site for the patch I was 
referring to, which prompted me writing in the first place.

you wrote:
>  Do you think that you have an original idea?
>  Hardly!  Lilly and Novo have been working on
>  alternative ways to administer insulin since 1921.
>  If their scientists and money can't develop an insulin
>  patch, I don't think that your wishing for one is
>  going to come about in our life times.

has Novo been around that long? I had no idea.  i am sorry my 
"original" idea didn't meet your standards.  I have only been a 
member of IP for 5 YEARS, and to my knowledge we have never discussed 
it, perhaps in the 4 months IP existed before I joined we covered it. 
Pardon me for cluttering up the heretofore 
"never-clutterd-with-stupid-ideas" bandwidith of IP.  I guess we can 
get back to much more original topics of discussion such as how to 
make tape more sticky or what to do when your pump gets wet or why do 
my fingers tingle (subtitled, "I have had diabetes for 25 years but 
still can't explain it cuz I am complication "free)
Sara SP AZ
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