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[IP] Re: waterproof pumps

Hi Roger,
Actually, I chose the Animas pump because IMO it was the best waterproof pump 
on the market (I think Disetronic might make one but I'm not sure). The 
Paradigm's waterproof guarantee is for 30 minutes at 8 feet depth. I don't 
remember the length of a triathlon swim, but I'm guessing it might take more 
than 30 minutes to do. I, for one, wanted more assurance than that. Animas 
gives that to me. It's guarantee is 24 hours at 12 feet deep. I shower, swim, 
snorkel, surf, etc. with it. (If surfing it's worn under a wetsuit where it 
can't fall off when I wipe out!)
The way I see it, my pump is an appendage. If you had to keep your arm out of 
the water all the time, or could only have it in water for 30 minutes, 
wouldn't that be a pain?
Good luck with your decision.
And hope your Team Diabetes training is still going well!!
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 9/12/02 2:16:35 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< My warranty will be up soon on my MM 507C and I am thinking about upgra
ding to
a waterproof pump so I can wear it while doing the swim portion of triathlons.
To my knowledge, the Paradigm is the only one advertised as being truly water
proof (8' x 24 hrs) but I have not seen too many good comments about the
Paradigm on this web site.  Does any one know of any other waterproof pumps
out there?  I would also welcome any comments, good or bad about the
Roger >>
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