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[IP] Seasonal bg fluctuations

Anyone experience variations in bg levels at specific times of the year?

This is the third year in a row that I have experienced a significant increase
in the # of hypos between about mid-August and mid- to late-October.  Last
week I needed assistance from my hubby more times than I'd like.  Am hesitant
to do any basal rate changes since there's no real pattern.

Talked to my endo about it the other day and he said he would ask
around...nothing that he could think of in particular, except the possibility
of changes in relative humidity.  Since I live in the SF Bay Area and we are
pretty stable all year round, this doesn't make much sense to me.

Thought I'd ask "those in the know" if anyone else experiences this.  I'll
report back anything my doc finds out for me.


Kathy Fagan
dx 10/68, pumping 12/17/82
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