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Re: [IP] "Diabetic" Shoes ?!?!?

The diabetic shoes I have found are actually very fashionable, while still 
allowing for swelling of feet, low pressure for areas prone to callouses and 
pressure sores (toe box) and have proven to be very comfortable.  I wear them 
when I have swelling problems or pressure areas from regular shoes (like now 
when I have an ulcer on one toe that doesn't want to heal because of an 
underlying bone spur).  Usually I am very careful in picking out shoes to 
find ones with wide toe boxes (not easy when you wear ladies 10 and 1/2  :)   
)   and also make sure to find ones with a deep enough heel pocket to 
accomodate my orthotics (super high arches here).  If you do a search for 
diabetic shoes, you will see there are some very nice looking ones out there, 
but if there aren't any swelling, pressure areas, callous type problems to 
start with, I think you would be fine as long as you try to make sure the 
shoes you do pick have lots of toe room, good arch support, and are the right 
size (I thought I wore size 9 and 1/2  for years until I had my feet 
professionally sized!).  For sneakers I find that New Balance walkers are the 
best for me, but as always, YMMV.

aka Mouse
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