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Re: [IP] "Diabetic" Shoes ?!?!?

> What's the deal about shoes?  I can certainly understand where this would
> an issue when someone has developed neuropathy -- but are shoes really a
> issue for a type 1 who is in good control with no complications???  My
> daughter (like many adolescent girls) is VERY into her shoes and the
> of having her shoe options limited because of her diabetes would not go
> well . . . Anybody care to comment on the whole issue of "diabetic shoes"

i know i have a terrible time finding shoes.  i wear a size 7 and a half (or
thereabouts), in a wide.  my feet aren't actually all that wide, but normal
shoes are far too tight, and unfortunately, it's hard to find women's shoes
in anything but ultra-narrow.  comfort is a really big thing for me and
shoes, since i like walking, and hate limping.  i do get the feeling -
talking with other women - that i'm one of the few who just won't sacrifice
comfort for style.  i know far too many women who'll squeeze their feet into
anything that's stylish.

actually, thinking of teens and shoes, i think one of the worst possible
fads or styles these days are the high heels for young girls and teens.  out
of all the things, this is one of the stupidest things going.  i see them a
lot on the buses, tottering around on 3" heels, and i just cringe for their
backs and feet.  maybe it's just me, but i'd rather see them in more
sensible shoes.

but back to my feet... i've always had trouble with shoes, and as we speak,
i'm going through a ton of bandaids while i break in a new pair of shoes
(and try not to have my heels broken in at the same time).  the cost is
something else though, partly why i have very few pairs of shoes (2 of them
hiking boots), since comfortable, well fitting shoes cost a lot, and the
cheaper brands just cause too much pain, and break down too quickly.

me and shoes, a constant struggle.
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