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[IP] "Diabetic" Shoes ?!?!?

In a message dated 9/11/2002 8:36:09 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The only bad part of the visit was what I expected....I got majorly chewed
> out for the shoes I was wearing. (slip on canvas shoes)....Oh well. Can't
> win them all I guess!

What's the deal about shoes?  I can certainly understand where this would be 
an issue when someone has developed neuropathy -- but are shoes really a big 
issue for a type 1 who is in good control with no complications???  My 
daughter (like many adolescent girls) is VERY into her shoes and the thought 
of having her shoe options limited because of her diabetes would not go over 
well . . . Anybody care to comment on the whole issue of "diabetic shoes"  ?

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