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Re: [IP] Barefoot/sandals

Aren't most of the precautions regarding foot care also a result of vascular
damage done from sustained poor glucose control?   If you've got significant
vascular damage that results in poor healing abilities, I can see where a dr.
would warn you on your choice of footwear.


--- Kathy Bruckmeyer <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Kay:
> Almost every diabetic book will tell you to watch your feet as that is the
> first part that will go if you get infections and turn to gangarine and have
> to be amputated.
> I believe that people who have severe neuropathy should follow this to the T
> in wearing closed shoes and socks at all times.
> However, I have severe neuropathy and still don't.  Am I taking a chance?  I
> have a weird neuropathy in that if I step on something small I will feel it
> but if I get a cut or something I won't feel it.  So I do what all good
> diabetics should do...check your feet daily, keep them clean and dry and
> make sure you don't cut too much nail off, watch for infections and all the
> rest that goes with it.

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