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RE: [IP] Water proof pumps

Actually MM advertises the Paradigm to be water-resistant and Animas
advertises to be waterproof. Check their websites.

As far as good/bad comments, I was in the same boat as you some months ago,
but researching for my daughter. We decided against the Paradigm for a
number of design issues and the way the company was dealing with the change
out of 508 to Paradigm exchange. Originally, the Paradigm was listed as
water resistant to 8' for 30 min.
Proprietary set connector, not the industry standard luer lock.
Only a minute to change the battery once you get a low battery alarm.
150 usable units of insulin.
Static issues with the 508, had not been proven to not be also available in
the Paradigm.

Then there were personal opinions posted to this list. Many more negative MM
than positive MM. Only positive Animas, without a single negative. The
Disetronic opinions have been very few. The choice came down to D-Tron or
R-1000 and since we were REALLY impressed with the Animas rep and there
wasn't a Disetronic rep for 300 miles. We went with Animas and have had
nothing but an EXCELLENT experience since making our choice.

Good luck.

Mike Swaithes
Husband to Pat
Dad to Alicia (9) & Lindsey (Z) 12, dx 5/98

-----Original Message-----
From: Roger Wendell

To my knowledge, the Paradigm is the only one advertised as being truly
proof (8' x 24 hrs) but I have not seen too many good comments about the
Paradigm on this web site.
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