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[IP] Re: fluid intake for damaged kidneys

For those not interested in the following, use your delete key. ;) I belong
to a kptx list where it is similar to IP - tx wannabes, damaged kidneys,
pre-dialysis, dialysis, transplant recipients. Almost all are/were DMers. I
have gleaned from some posts about fluids and they follow. As we know, as
with pumping, we get seemingly better advice from actual users than
advisors. ;)

>>The doctors told my wife, post transplant, to drink everything in sight.
They said that she really, practically, couldnt drink too much liquids.
Prior to the transplant she was on restrictions. Just enough to slack her
thirst and no dark sodas.>>

>>>I know one thing my doctor told me was that in no uncertain terms to ever
let myself get dehydrated since my transplant. I'm allowed to drink all I
want and after being restricted for 4 years before transplant, I make sure I
get all the fluids in that I can. >>> (IOW - the damaged kidneys did NOT
want the fluid push - after tx, yes.)

>>>I was told by a dialysis technician (I'm not on dialysis, I worked in a
hospital and knew them) to drink lots of water to keep kidneys wet. She said
kidneys love water, they don't like animal protein, carbs and sugar.>>>

followed by:
>>>To begin with, take what most technicians say with a grain of salt. At my
center, the techs have NO medical background. Two of our techs came to our
center from an auto parts store and Sonic drive in. They simply repeat what
they hear and have NO first hand knowledge! and no education! Granted, many
doctors are better than others....much better, but the fact still remains
that they probably know a heck of a lot more about the mechanics of renal
failure than you and I know. I know I had two nephs tell me to limit my
fluid intake to a quart daily before and now during dialysis. >>>

>From someone who had a tx (transplant) >>>I'll have to drink at least 96
ounces. I've gone close to that or over a lot of times.
Didn't yall hate it when we could drink only 4 cups a day???>>>

>>>My fluid intake was limited to 6 cups a day all the way back when my
was at 3.0 and I was many months from dialysis. >>>

These people, like IPers, are scattered all over - no concentration of
patients of one group of doctors. Seems they all just about recommended the
same thing for damaged kidneys. (~_^)

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