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[IP] Re: Vitamin B 6

> Jan...do you think B6 would be good for Mary with her early neuropathy?
> Beverly

My bro used to work in a corrections facility and they also gave the inmates
B6 for nerve repair. My podiatrist (in '80s) said many drs did not agree but
my endo did not balk at it and my kidneyologist of the last 8 yrs has not
discouraged me from using it. I was in hosp. for 2 wks. over Christmas and
New Year's in '89 and *I* gave them my list of pills. I complained about
having a very dry nose there - the humidity must have been very low. When I
was discharged, they gave me instructions to follow at home. On the list was
2 Seldane allergy tablets. Say what!!! I told them Seldane *as needed* for
allergies. I had no allergies in the winter. I did have two 100 mg B6's on
the list. They had been giving me Seldane instead - both white round pills
and I didn't notice the diff.  My feet were burning then and it took 3 weeks
of 300 mgs a day to have relief. I believe I had been taking the B6 for
about 8-9 yrs by then.

With her being young, Maybe starting with something like 50 mgs a day -
dunno. Would one of her doctors *agree* if you asked? I asked one once if I
could take alfalfa. He laughed and said if I wanted to eat like a cow, okay.
lol  If there is a reason she should NOT take the B6, then don't, but they
might not see a reason to not. Be sure to have food with it. (~_^)

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